Recipe for Spring

March 3, 2018


Spring is my favourite season. It is currently the beginning of March and I am anxiously awaiting the first week of warmer weather. Out my window I can see the gardens are patiently waiting to be prepped and planted. Soon the robins will putter about the yard and I will hear the chirp chirp of baby birds up in the trees. What is not to love about spring? For me spring is a hopeful time full of renewed energy and light. 


In the five element cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is represented by the wood element. In the wood element we see a rising of energy out of the darkness of the water element seen in winter and into brighter days filled with new growth and life. This time of year is a great time to plan the year ahead, to initiate new ideas, make decisions and move forward with new intention and purpose. With any new growth and change can come resistance, for some this can be a challenging time filled with "growing pains".


I did not inherit my mother's green thumb and as much as I try I am not convinced I will ever be a master in the garden. I do find the garden very therapeutic and the chance to dig my hands into soil and get dirty I have found to be the best medicine. Watching plants sprout and grow, wilt and die is such a wonderful reminder of the cycles of nature and of life.


The first crop into the vegetable gardens every year are radishes. The first radish harvest to me is a sign that spring has truly arrived. In honour of the planting of the first radishes this year I give you a radish recipe.  


Radish Salad



-1 cup shaved radishes (I like to use a mandolin to get it really thin)

-1 cup shaved fennel (I like to use a mandolin to get it really thin)

-1 orange cut into small cubes

-1/4 cup toasted walnuts

-2 tbsp mint leaves

-olive oil, fresh lemon juice and salt to taste



1) Mix all ingredients in a  mixing bowl and serve. 





Malakai Button is a Registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Passionate about helping women struggling with hormonal and reproductive issues, she focuses on helping women achieve hormonal balance and healthy pregnancies. She offers her home based acupuncture studio in Victoria, BC as a place for you to cultivate wellness and reconnect with your body's innate healing capacity.




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