Weeding the garden, cultivating the soil: an Acupuncturist's approach to wellness | Women's Health Acupuncturist Victoria BC

April 19, 2018


Your body is a garden. It is beautiful and complex. There are flowers and butterflies, ladybugs and bumblebees. There are sometimes also pesky bugs, a deer that eats your last kale harvest....a month with no sun. Even given seemingly perfect conditions a garden may not be thriving. Is it that the soil has been depleted of nutrients, maybe the plants are overcrowded or perhaps the garden is too hot or too cold. Your body is a part of nature and as such it operates just as a garden does, affected by the seasons and governed internally by the elements. 


An acupuncturist is like a gardener, helping to balance the inner ecosystem of the body so that it, like a garden, may flourish and reach its full potential. In Chinese Medicine we regard the body as a unique and complex whole. There is no separation between mind, body & spirit. The body can be likened to a huge garden with many winding paths and irrigating streams. It is no surprise to a practitioner of Chinese Medicine that a rock obstructing the water upstream will have effects downstream and on the entire garden. You can't just remove the rock, you need to figure out how and why the rock was in the stream in the first place. Each part of the body is connected to the larger system, no one organ or body part is seen in isolation from the whole. 


If the garden is not thriving optimally it is my job as an acupuncturist to figure out what the root cause of the disharmony is and work to bring the internal garden back into balance. Maybe the garden needs a bit more sun or rain, maybe it needs weeding to remove unwanted visitors or maybe the soil in the garden just needs added nutrients and time to rest. Finding the root cause of disharmony is only the first step. Repairing the soil, the paths and filling the garden up with lots of bees and flowers and butterflies is all part of the healing process.


When given the support of a happy and healthy environment the body knows what to do. It is my job to guide the body to rebalance and create the conditions required to make your inner garden flourish. 





Malakai Button is a Registered Acupuncturist in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Passionate about helping women struggling with hormonal and reproductive issues, she focuses on helping women achieve hormonal balance and healthy pregnancies. She offers her home based acupuncture studio in Victoria, BC as a place for you to cultivate wellness and reconnect with your body's innate healing capacity.



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